More Effective On-Line Demos

Thousands of sales professionals have used Presenter to close sales faster. An amazing 27% faster! How?

Your presence helps establish trust and build rapport with your potential customers. Presenter uses Dynamic Green Screen technology to immerse you into your demo.

If you do on-line product demos, Presenter needs to be part of your digital sales strategy.



Webinars and Presentations

Your audience wants to see you. You want your audience to be engaged with your content. Accomplish both with Presenter. No more webinars that are monotone voice-overs!
Improve audience engagement by up to 4x using Presenter during your next on-line presentation.

Virtual Training/Lectures

Training is best done from expert to student. Learners grasp concepts when presented directly by the instructor.
Personify empowers you with immersive video. You are embedded directly in your material, at precisely the spot where your point is best made. Make recorded content as well as live presentations.



Elevate Existing Meeting Tools

Personify Presenter works alongside all video conferencing software such WebEx, Zoom, Skype for Business, BlueJeans, and many more. Put your persona on the desktop, share your screen and voila!, a greatly enhanced meeting experience for all participants.

Personify was the most excitement [in] the entire meeting.

“I have to tell you, every time we show the personify functionality people all go nuts. We showed it in one of Adobe's All-Hands across several hundred people and it was the most excitement throughout the entire meeting."

Rocky Mitarai
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Abobe Systems

My virtual classes are fantastic w/ Personify

"The visual quality of my virtual classes are fantastic since [starting with Personify], and my students are telling me this with great pleasure."

Luigi Bonafé
Professor de História
IDEG - Instituto de Desenvolvimento e Estudos de Governo

Personify is transformative. It results in better quality content.

“I find it transformative. Personify lets me go far beyond presenting content, to modeling how to learn in a very realistic and very personal way.

It has resulted in better quality content, acquired more cheaply and with less time as compared either with conventional in-studio production or with lecture capture in the classroom.”

Sally Jackson, Ph.D.
Prof. of Communication, and former Chief Information Offer
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Personify is a powerful new way for people to collaborate.

"I am really enjoying Personify and definitely see it as a distinctive and powerful new way for people to present and collaborate. Where I love Personify most is in some on-demand learning that we are developing. Wow! Personify lets me absolutely differentiate our quality in ways that people notice. We look so professional and so on top of our game (which we are!)."

Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D.
Bridge the Distance Inc.

Personify can really help your business grow….

"Our company wanted to set up webinars to meet loan officers in remote locations. We wanted green screen technology which would end up costing over $30,000 to set up and also an extra employee to run the software. Then I found you guys! Definitely look into Personify, I believe it can really help your business grow with the interaction."

Andrew Nuntapreda
Credit Synergy Services

Personify eliminates the need for [studios], which is huge.

“We used Personify with Adobe Connect and the research shows “virtual face to face” is much more compelling and engaging than voice to voice. We also deliver corporate training over video. In the past we had to have webcam studios with curtains and lighting. The 3D cam with Personify eliminates the need for that, which is huge."

Matthew Hawk, Ph.D
Customer Loyalty Specialists

…the coolest presentation enhancement tool.

"Just conducted my first remote class using Personify and… wow!

You guys have created the coolest presentation enhancement tool. The class was dramatically better as I was able to interact with participants and the slides as if was actually there."

Don McDonald
Principal, Education Director
Vestory Investment Advisory

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Immersive Technology, Reasonably Priced

Personify Presenter is enabled by the same depth-sensing technology that is in the Apple iPhone X. Personify’s Dynamic Green Screen Technology uses the depth data from a 3D-depth sensing webcam (available from Personify for $199) to digitally extract you from your background.


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